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Shortening time to market: a strategic challenge for the food industry

In the race for innovation between food brands, time to market makes the difference! The FMCG market is in a constant state of renewal to meet changing consumer expectations, new buyer requirements and regulatory requirements. Being able to present relevant new products before the others means putting yourself in a position of [...]

Good product information: a commercial issue?

With new technologies, new distribution channels are developing and packaging is no longer the only vector of product information: electronic catalogues, the Drive, consumer applications, etc. And if this information varies from one medium to another, how can the consumer in search of transparency find his way around? To support sales, it is necessary to [...]

IAA : Facilitating teleworking on products ? it can be useful...

"With the confinement of the first half of the year, innovation projects have fallen behind", is an observation heard from agri-food managers in recent weeks. It is not easy to carry all your files under your arm without forgetting anything at the office and to communicate with your teams at a distance: few agri-food companies were organised for the [...]