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How to secure packaging in the food industry

Securing packaging in the food industry: how?

Packaging creations or simple modifications: risks of errors to be mastered!

Innovations, variations, renovations or regulatory compliance: so much packaging to be created or redone! In the food industry, products are constantly being renewed. Examples include the adoption of the Nutri-score®, detailed allergens, new sorting instructions, and soon the Eco-score...

Almost all the company's departments are involved (marketing, R&D, quality, regulatory department, purchasing, production, etc.) as well as external partners (creative agency, translators, cardboard manufacturers, pre-press, printers). An unavailable contributor, scattered information, tight deadlines: a mistake can happen quickly...

A forgotten allergen: how many products have to be recalled and destroyed?
A wrong way of wrapping: how many rolls of labels have to be destroyed? How long will it take to redo them? In time for the national promotion?

How securing packaging in the food industry?

How can we ensure that the labelling statements are in line with the latest version of the recipe? What is the correct cutting format? Where can I find the validated data? Not easy, when information is scattered throughout the departments...

What if all the necessary data were gathered in a structured database common to all internal and external contributors? What if this data was directly usable in a tool designed to pool proofreading on shared working documents? What if this teamwork was coordinated by automated processes with the roles and responsibilities of each person? Then packaging projects would be better managed. This is what Keendoo proposes.

" With the Keendoo product database associated with the Packaging and Formulation modules, we have halved the number of packaging non-conformities. The information is controlled from end to end: from the recipe to the proof of delivery.

according to the quality manager of a frozen food manufacturer.

For more than 10 years, Keendoo has been serving the food industry to strengthen their product information system and facilitate team collaboration. Let's talk about it!