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Replay of the Keendoo-RIA round table: Eco-responsible innovation and product data in the food industry, with O2M Conseil and NumAlim from 1 July 2021

Eco-responsible innovation and product data: RIA round table, Keendoo, O2M Conseil, NumAlim

Eco-responsible innovation and product data round table, Keendoo RIA with O2MConseil and NumAlim

Reducing the environmental impact of your products, engaging in eco-responsible innovation, accelerating your eco-design projects: strategic for your company? What can you do?

moderated by a journalist from RIA La Revue de l'Industrie Alimentaire

Round table on eco-responsible innovation and product data, on 1 July 2021 with Jean Bressoud, CEO of Keendoo, Olivier Messager, Founder and CEO of O2M Conseil, Guillaume Ardillon, Director of Operations and Technologies of Num, moderated by a journalist from RIA La Revue de l'industrie Agroalimentaire.

Meeting the challenge of sustainable development requires mastery of product data.

Consumer expectations, regulatory constraints, financial issues: meeting the challenge of sustainable development, which is imposed on the agri-food industry, requires mastering up-to-date, consistent product data.

This is how Keendoo was created in 2011. Ten years later, Keendoo is sharing the know-how it has acquired with its 40 clients alongside NumAlim and its partner O2M Conseil. Product and packaging eco-design, environmental labelling, Eco-score and other labels are based on reliable, up-to-date and consistent product data.