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New: Keendoo integrates the calculation of the Eco-score

New: calculate the Eco-score with Keendoo

Keendoo helps food manufacturers to calculate the Eco-score of their products

Since last January, several consumer applications have been calculating and displaying a new score for food products: the Eco-score®. Like the Nutri-score®, it could well influence consumer choices towards the most virtuous products.

"We are continually innovating to reduce the environmental impact of our products, so the Eco-score can be a good way to showcase this. ”

the Marketing Manager, Grocery Sector

But calculating the Eco-score is not that simple! To make it live without errors in the new versions of the product: even less!

The calculation of theEco-score: new Keendoo module

The calculation of theEco-score is based on a score from the Agribalyse portal. This is an average score that makes no difference between the singularities of products in the same category. From there, we have to calculate the bonuses and maluses specific to the product: origin of raw materials, composition of recipes, recyclability of packaging, etc. A long, tedious job, subject to errors.

To avoid this, the Keendoo Eco-score module makes these calculations in a few seconds from the product characteristics recorded in the repository database, and updates them in a reliable and immediate way.

Eco-score: a way to add value to your products? Let's discuss it!

"The calculation rules are quite complex, so being able to calculate it in 1 click will save us time and avoid mistakes."

CSR Manager, Frozen Food Sector