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Keendoo will be present at Estvalorial 2022

Keendoo will be present at Estivalorial, selected for Success Fooday 2022

Selected by the Valorial cluster and the Village by CA, Keendoo is participating in Success Fooday, a business meeting within the framework of Estivalorial. This year, Valorial is combining Success Fooday and Estivalorial in a single event, on 2 June at the Mem in Rennes. On the programme for this day: Networging conferences B2B meetings Keendoo, an expert in the field of food management, will be [...]

Product data management, the nerve of commerce 3.0

The digital transformation of agri-food companies: let's start at the beginning!

What is the axis that runs through an agri-business? The product, of course. And yet, few know how to gather, make reliable, update and disseminate information about their products. Blockchain, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, big data, etc. But let's get back to earth. But let's come back to earth: all this is only a dream as long as the company does not first have [...]

Quality Service: Keep them from going crazy!

Let's save quality departments from the infobesity of agri-food product data! This was Laurent Venaille's credo at the Meeting Point he hosted at Agrovif 2018: "Quality departments: prevent them from going crazy!" Indeed, the inflation of data relating to a food product reference, generated or requested, is everywhere in the company. Several [...]

Keendoo speaks at the RDV des Managers de l'Innovation 2018

How to manage and exploit agri-food product data to enhance their value? Laurent Venaille, Director of Exper-IAA, Keendoo's Expertise division, will speak at the 12th Innovation Managers' Meeting on the importance of product data management as a competitive lever in the food industry. Indeed, the data that characterize products are increasingly [...]

Keendoo on the web TV program of the CFIA 2018 in Rennes

Keendoo presents its food industry software solutions on the TV set of the CFIA 2018 Keendoo presented its food industry software solutions for the control of food product data, during the KeyNote on March 14, on the TV set of the CFIA 2018. Keendoo is a software publisher dedicated to the food industry and combines document management (EDM) with a [...].