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Multi-channel distribution: secure your product sheets and make your data reliable

Multi-channel distribution: securing product sheets in the food industry

With the development of new distribution channels, product sheets have become fundamental for distributors. However, 30 to 35% of them contain errors... Keendoo and ConsoTrust propose concrete and proven solutions for the food industry, to be discovered in this webinar.

How to make data more reliable and secures ?

Keendoo, a recognized specialist in the management of product data repositories, and ConsoTrust, an expert in the control of this data, have joined forces to meet this major challenge: to provide companies with the security and quality of their data, both from suppliers and towards customers, which has become crucial.

Webinar hosted by Jean Bressoud, CEO of Keendoo and Julien Doyen, CEO of ConsoTrust, and organised by Process Alimentaire, on 7 April 2022.

This webinar will include

  1. State of play and challenges in agri-food companies
  2. Solutions to make your data more reliable
  3. Data reliability: making the eco-responsible transition, engaging in eco-design