Product data: a team effort in the food industry?

Product data: a team effort in the food industry?

Do you know how much data characterises an agri-food product? Do you know how many people contribute to the production, verification and validation of this data? And do you know how many different versions co-exist at any one time? And where do you think this data is stored?


More than 1000 data to manage for one product:

Cost price, nutritional values, Nutri-score®formulas, ingredient characteristics, allergens, claims, quality labels, analysis results, packaging with their technical characteristics, photos, packaging, palletisation, and much more... And all this data is generated by different departments as product development progresses. In a traditional organisation, this data is compartmentalised and held by those who generate it, and then communicated to the other contributors by messaging... In these conditions, how can we ensure that this data is complete, unique and reliable? There is only one way: to have a complete view of all product data in real time!


Team collaboration: the way to master this data 

What if all this data was centralized in a common database? Then each contributor could record his own data and make it available to others... Goodbye cluttered mailboxes, goodbye re-entries and the errors that go with them, goodbye data scattered in different departments. This is the choice of Keendoo customers.

"With a common workspace, up-to-date information is accessible at all times and exchanges are facilitated by the Keendoo tools" Data Manager of a large international group

Can specialists help you? Keendoo experts are at your disposal!

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