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Environmental display: Keendoo solution for food industry.

A turnkey solution to prepare the environmental display of food products

Eco-design of products, environmental labelling, the Agec law and the Climate and Resilience law encourage and accelerate eco-responsible innovation in the food industry. To help meet these transformation challenges and reduce the environmental impact of products, Keendoo has co-constructed with its partner O2m a solution combining specialized eco-design advice and IT tools.

The alliance of two expertises

New on the market and offered jointly by Keendoo and O2m, the new Environmental Display, LCA and Eco-design solution combines a consulting and training service with a software tool that is easy to use by food industry professionals. It allows to prepare to meet the new environmental display obligation resulting from the Agec law of 2020, and the Climate and Resilience law of 2021.

From left to right: Julien Cassegrain (O2m), Anne-Joëlle Cochard and Jean Bressoud (Keendoo), Claire Morice (O2m). 

The environmental display, which is based on theanalysis of the life cycle of products (LCA), is expected in 2023. It will allow consumers to know the environmental footprint of a product.

According to ADEME, food represents 24% of the carbon footprint of households. Environmental labelling should make it possible to reduce these impacts by guiding consumers towards the most virtuous products.

With the new Keendoo-O2m solution, manufacturers can performLife Cycle Assessment (LCA ) of products and calculate the specific environmental score of their own products.

To facilitate the understanding of environmental issues, we have scheduled a webinar twice a month, on the2nd and4th Thursdays of the month.

A progressive and complete approach, a simple tool to be used by food industry professionals who are not experts in LCA and eco-design.

" Industrialists are quite helpless and need to be supported in the methodology to be followed. But for reasons of time and cost, they must also quickly become autonomous in their environmental impact calculations. This is what we are proposing with this new offer. "

Jean-Baptiste Lefebvre, Customer Care of the solution at Keendoo

With this packaged offer, O2m advises and trains industrialists to set up an approach and the LCA methodology, then assists them in identifying the right action levers. Keendoo, for its part, provides training in the use of the tool specifically developed to collect these data and calculate the environmental score according to the rules defined by the public authorities. 

Ready to display the environmental impact of your products?

The data needed for life cycle analysis are often scattered in different departments of the company. Collecting and consolidating them is long and tedious: the Keendoo tool makes these data reliable and aggregates them in a secure repository where they are updated. 

Product data to be collected and made reliable for the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of food products, a method for evaluating the environmental impact of products (ISO 14040 standard). 

"With the Keendoo software solution, the company retains control of its product data and no longer needs to outsource it to an external provider to calculate its environmental display." 

Anne-Joëlle Cochard, Marketing and Communication Manager at Keendoo

The application calculates 16 environmental impact indicators from aggregated data: raw materials, packaging, recipes, processes, distribution channels and end of life of products. From these standardized indicators (ISO 14040), it calculates the LCA score(PEF score: Product Environmental Footprint), reflecting the environmental impact of the product. The application calculates the product's environmental score faster and more accurately.

A packaged solution to accelerate the eco-design process in agri-food companies

The offer also includes consulting to identify the most relevant improvement levers. And the Keendoo calculation tool allows to simulate and compare different improvement scenarios by activating these levers. Should we act on logistics or on product composition?

The Keendoo-O2m turnkey solution, KO2MPACT®, allows manufacturers to quickly adapt to both regulatory changes and consumer expectations. 

Keendoo wins the CFIA 2023 Innovation Awards

Discover the Keendoo-O2m partnership

Interview with Jean Bressoud, CEO of Keendoo, Julien Cassegrain, partner of O2m and Claire Morice, O2m consultant.

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