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IAA : Accelerate and secure product development projects ?

Unstable market, accelerated product renewal: project management is essential. 

A French agri-business leader said: "Too often, we have highly anticipated innovations that go awry and competitors that beat us to the punch. We don't realise what this costs in terms of euros and market share.

It is not easy to secure deadlines for projects as transversal as product development! Large innovation projects or small projects involving variations, renovations or regulatory updates: all follow more or less formalised processes that involve many departments in the food company.


How to optimise the duration of projects?

Coordinating these teams and making exchanges more fluid is the key to speeding up and reducing the time it takes to bring products to market. Distributing, planning and chaining tasks, monitoring their progress and encouraging collaboration between departments are the keys to a project under control. 

"With Keendoo project management, project managers can identify advances and delays, blocking points and can intervene with the right contributors to unblock the situation" Product repository manager of a large French cooperative.

This is what Keendoo offers to help product line professionals optimise projects to save time.