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Eurial, the dairy branch of Agrial, chooses Keendoo PLM

Eurial secures and accelerates product innovation with Keendoo

Eurial chose Keendoo to secure its product developments with the Product Projects module, while making product information reliable in a common data repository for all departments involved in innovation.

For Eurial's management, this was a strategic issue, with ambitious objectives: to improve efficiency, secure product development processes and reduce non-quality costs. This was a large-scale project, involving 450 users and several BUs. After several months of use, the benefits are tangible: the tool facilitates the daily work of everyone and improves collaboration between departments, and product information is more reliable. Teams are better coordinated, saving time and improving responsiveness.

An easy way to get started with Keendoo support

Throughout the implementation of the software, users were supported by Keendoo. Drawing on ten years of experience with some fifty customers, Keendoo's experts developed a close relationship with the field teams through regular workshops, punctuated by regular progress reports.

Eurial keys-users workshop led by a Keendoo consultant

As agri-engineers, each with solid experience in the food industry, they speak the same language as the users, which makes it easier to understand the needs of each department involved in product development, software deployment and learning. For Émilie, product manager for the butter and cheese BU, structuring projects in the software has become a reflex. And for Mireille, private label marketing manager, who was used to another application, the "tool was well designed, it is ergonomic and easy to understand by all".

A collaborative tool to secure and accelerate product development

In concrete terms, nine departments collaborate on product development projects in the Keendoo product project management module: marketing, sales, R&D, quality, legal, purchasing, industrial, management control, supply and production. Everyone has a better view of the tasks and schedules.

This allows for better product management," explains Emilie, " Keendoo really plays its role as a facilitator. All the information is available and it's easier to share. "

Émilie, Product Manager of the Butter and Cheese BU

Among this information, Mireille particularly appreciates having visibility on economic indicators and the feasibility of projects. 

Reliable product data, gathered in a common repository

The information related to the project is gathered in the same place: in the Keendoo product data repository. Everyone contributes to the validation of information through automated processes.

" Once validated, they are available to the entire team, it's more reliable, and the tool allows for error-free generation of product or labeling sheets. "

Émilie, Product Manager of the Butter and Cheese BU

Regulatory, commercial and consumer information is thus more secure. The repository also facilitates updates and makes it possible to quickly find data and products affected by a health alert, for example.