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Good product information: a commercial issue?

With new technologies, new distribution channels are developing and packaging is no longer the only vector of product information: electronic catalogues, the Drive, consumer applications, etc. And if this information varies from one medium to another, how can the consumer in search of transparency find his way around? To support sales, it is necessary to [...]

PRESS RELEASE - Keendoo: a solution for controlling the traceability of information on food products

Nantes, August 29, 2017 At a time when Fipronil is shaking up the food industry and mass distribution, Keendoo, an IT publisher, offers software solutions dedicated to food products that enable the reliability and traceability of product information. An answer to control product information in the food industry Several hundred pieces of information qualify a product.

PLM explained to all

What is a PLM? Not so much anymore? Almost! Because with this powerful tool, you will increase your performance. This software places product information at the centre of the company. This makes information more reliable, facilitates its transmission and meets the challenges of innovation. Product data: the focus of this software In fact, [...]

Traceability of product information and food crises: all concerned!

Food health crises most often arouse collective fear because they involve a degree of uncertainty and directly affect the health of the population. Mad cow disease, the dioxin scandal and, a few years later, the contamination of minced steaks by E.coli bacteria... all these crises have had an impact on the health of the population.