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Accelerate and secure the packaging graphics chain in the food industry with a collaborative tool: the Visuel Pack module from the Keendoo PLM suite.

Accelerating and securing the packaging graphics chain in the food industry: the key role of a collaborative tool

In the food industry, products are constantly evolving. There are many reasons for this, from recipe changes linked to inflation, to the new Nutri-score®, new sorting instructions and the environmental labelling system due to come into force in 2024. Against this backdrop, the number of packagings to be created and updated can quickly represent [...]

New Nutri-score: Keendoo integrates the new calculation rules into the Formulation Module of its PLM suite.

New Nutri-score: Keendoo integrates calculation rules into PLM formulation module

The Nutri-score is evolving: the new calculation rules will come into force at the end of this year. From then on, food manufacturers will have two years to adapt the Nutri-score of their products. To ensure this transition, Keendoo makes it possible to calculate and compare the two versions of the Nutri-score. Since [...]

Keendoo will be present at CFIA with its partner O2M Conseil

Keendoo at CFIA Rennes 2021

See you at CFIA 2021 with Keendoo and O2M Conseil, from 9 to 11 June in Rennes: Keendoo presents its new Sustainable Development module, the result of several months of collaboration with O2M Conseil engineers specialised in environmental impact calculations.

Shortening time to market: a strategic challenge for the food industry

In the race for innovation between food brands, time to market makes the difference! The FMCG market is in a constant state of renewal to meet changing consumer expectations, new buyer requirements and regulatory requirements. Being able to present relevant new products before the others means putting yourself in a position of [...]