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Keendoo will be present at CFIA with its partner O2M Conseil

Keendoo at CFIA Rennes 2021

See you at CFIA 2021 with Keendoo and O2M Conseil, from 9 to 11 June in Rennes: Keendoo presents its new Sustainable Development module, the result of several months of collaboration with O2M Conseil engineers specialised in environmental impact calculations.

Good product information: a commercial issue?

With new technologies, new distribution channels are developing and packaging is no longer the only vector of product information: electronic catalogues, the Drive, consumer applications, etc. And if this information varies from one medium to another, how can the consumer in search of transparency find his way around? To support sales, it is necessary to [...]

IAA : Facilitating teleworking on products ? it can be useful...

"With the confinement of the first half of the year, innovation projects have fallen behind", is an observation heard from agri-food managers in recent weeks. It is not easy to carry all your files under your arm without forgetting anything at the office and to communicate with your teams at a distance: few agri-food companies were organised for the [...]

Blog post on innovation processes in the agri-food industry

IAA: Boosting innovation with 100% food PLM

Accelerating innovation in the agri-food industry: possible? How can you do it? With Keendoo PLM software specially designed for the food industry... Heard from the R&D manager of a large French food group: "if we could stick together the tasks required by the different departments, we would considerably reduce the time to market". But also: [...]

Food blog post: ensuring continuity in the event of absence

Shared product data: absence is no longer a drama!

Unexpected absences: how to ensure continuity? Overheard during the lockdown: "Fortunately, the product data for the ongoing projects were collected in a KEENDOO database, which allowed us to continue working together on new products, even when teleworking, and we did not lose a single day [...].